Testicular Cancer Care, Men’s Giant Ball in USA

New Orleans, It is the unique way in which Thomas Cantley (31) to the United States will increase public awareness of testicular cancer. He was pushing a giant ball of about 1.8 meters in diameter around the United States.

Cantley has a strong desire to perform this action because he is a former testicular cancer patient. He was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in 2009 Despite the loss of one of the testicles, he was grateful at least the cancer cells did not spread to the lymph nodes.

Post recovering from the disease, he has a mission to prevent the men in America have the same thing it seems. At least he did not want to delay the men went to the doctor, so that if there is testicular cancer, it can be treated quickly.

According Cantley, not many men who know and care about testicular cancer. Therefore, the desire to raise awareness about this disease is very high.

“I was around eleven cities, ranging from Santa Monica to New York. Along the way I will explain about the disease in those who I have met,” wrote Cartney these activities in social sites, www.ballpush.org, and quoted on Monday (6 / 10/2014).

Yes, he was doing a social project is named Ball Push. During this trip he also recruit new members in a social group related testicular cancer, Mr. Ballsy.

“During my trip I also want to remind the men, especially those aged 13-35 years, for a routine check-ups to the doctor and do not feel alone if diagnosed positive,” said Cantley.

The man who previously worked as a photographer started perjalananya of Santa Monica on the 4th of September last and now in New Orleans. If the journey smoothly, according to the plan he arrived in New York on 13 October.

“When I was diagnosed, I realized that I had to remind others about the disease. Least that I can do in my life,” he said to livescore company

Better Health with Nuts when watching soccer match

Staying up late watching the World Cup 2014 no less complete without complementary foods, but not all foods can be a distraction. Some food ingredients proved to have effects that are bad for the body if used as a distraction night.

Foods like chips and other fried foods when used as a distraction will affect the increase of cholesterol in the body as claimed by Nutritionist Nutrifood, Mochamad Aldis Rusliadi, SKM. The more nights will decrease the body’s metabolism so that the body does not require a lot of food intake at the time.

“Staying up late is usually the same dibarengin snacks, soft drinks rich in sugar is very high right. Besides sugar, are also high in fat such as potato chips. Increasingly night it is getting down metabolism, but this should instead foster istrihatat calories. Unused calories will be stored so fat increases the risk of obesity, “Aldis said ¬†as written on Sunday .

In addition Aldis also provide commentary related to food legumes are commonly used as complementary foods to stay up.
According peanut meal can be a good companion if proper processing. Many products beans that have been packaged has a high salt content which relates to hazard hypertension.

“Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids are good for the heart. Beans were either boiled, steamed, or roasted. Sukro I do not recommend, mending existing peanut skin. Sukro If there are fried flour also make high added calories,” said Aldis .

In addition to nuts, other foods can be used as a distraction while the ball is staying up late watching the fruit. Fruit is good for the body because it can lower cholesterol.

“Try to eat fruit but are low in sugar, dried fruits like raisins and dates of high sugar content. Softdrink less alone, better water. If you want to use do not use mayo salad, the dressing use non-fat yogurt or olive oil,” continued Aldis provide additional suggestions.

The habit of staying up should be reduced. Aldis said staying up late is not good for the body because it reduces the body’s need for rest which can lead to the degenerative diseases. Especially when staying up well interspersed with feeding activity.

“Pain is the most direct effect rasanyanya abdominal fullness or bad. Expires fed directly to sleep, food from the stomach into the esophagus had been able to return,” added Aldis

Replace breakfast and Dinner with milk, Veronica Down Weight 15 Kg

06a6f207d387fd840381bb3940384b76With a height of 168 cm and weight 73 kg, Harama Veronica Gultom (21) had felt insecure. He was often derided as ‘fat’. Wants to prove that he can also appear slim, Veronica was on a diet and managed to lose weight.

Yes, succeeded his weight dropped to 58 kg. What kind of diet is done Veronica? Following her diet success story, as he told the detikHealth and written on Saturday (28/06/2014):

Initially after I know my weight is not balanced with height, I was down. Not surprisingly, this condition is also often makes everyone who sees me says I’m too fat.

After that I tried to participate in the fitness gym 2 times a week, but there are changes that have not been quite satisfactory.

Then I try again every evening after work running around the complex up to 1 hour. As for diet, the morning I drink milk, I ate lunch with a portion pickup only as principled to stop eating before satiety. For the evening I also replaced it with drinking milk.

I try to regularly eat fresh vegetables every day, and do not forget to eat fruits, especially papayas. Drink plenty of water as well every night, until I sleep sometimes if you want to prepare a bottle of mineral water in the room special for my drink bottle.

The point is of course the heart intention, because during my ongoing principled diet do not eat fried foods and snacks such as chocolate. After the routine running of the method, the result of my successful weight dropped to 58 pounds, even dress pants felt loose all.

Until now I am still between having this diet because I am the type of person whose weight is easy to ride, so I do not want this effort in vain.

Parents Should Carefully Read Label Food Products For Optimal Growing Child

seIn addition to carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, vitamins and minerals play an important role fatherly child’s growth. However, do not let the child needs vitamins and minerals actually overwhelming, especially for those who frequently eat cereal.

Because a recent report published Environmental Working Group (EWG) reveals children can too much vitamin A, zinc, or niacin of several cereals. Yet recommendation The Institute of Medicine recommends children aged 4-8 years consume less than 0.9 mg of vitamin A, 15 mg of niacin and 12 mg of zinc per day.

In the report of the Environmental Working Group, from 1500 cereals, there are 114 brand cereals that contain vitamin A, iron, and niacin excess. Moreover, the EWG reported most children eat more than one serving of cereal. If that habit continues, it could be the intake of excessive vitamins and minerals children. In fact, they’ve got a source of minerals and vitamins from other foods.

“Therefore, it is important for consumers to carefully read the ingredients in each product are listed on the product label. Moreover, the FDA already has a policy to ensure food fortification should be practiced safely and appropriately,” said Brian Kennedy, communications director of the Institute of Medicine.

Although, emphasized Olga Naidenko, author of the report, some cereal products could be interesting for the kids to use cartoon images. Therefore, it is important for parents to pay attention to the content in cereals and also consumed multivitamins child, as quoted by CNN, Sunday (29/06/2014).

“Excess doses of vitamins or minerals commonly occurs when someone is eating too much of certain foods rather than supplements. In the short term, excess vitamins and minerals can cause gastrointestinal symptoms,” says pediatrician at Children’s Medical Group, Atlanta, Dr. Jennifer Shu.

Excess vitamin A can cause liver damage and bone. While excess zinc raises immune disorders. Excessive consumption of niacin can be toxic to the liver. Therefore, Dr. Shu suggests older people are more selective in providing intake for their children.

“When in doubt with a given amount of intake, read carefully the content of each food and beverage products, not just cereal. However, it would be better if it meets the needs of vitamins and minerals in the small of fruits and vegetables,” says Dr. Shu