Brazil Use Drone Exterminate Mosquito Virus Spreader Zika




Brazilian Government take decisive steps to eradicate the Zika virus transmission by sending an unmanned aircraft (drone) to find and destroy the Aedes aegypti mosquito breeding centers that also carry dengue fever.

Sao Paulo, the most populated city in Brazil, using drones to find the effect of a mosquito in the garden, terrace houses, and buildings.

Zika virus has been suspected as a cause of birth defects, so the federal government’s intensifying campaign to prevent the disease by examining and fumigating homes and business buildings.

Approximately 60 million people living in residential and business center into a target drone for inspection purposes in Brazil. Behind the building is inspected 27.5 million, 60 percent resulting in a difficult home approached because resident prevent soldiers and government officials entered their residence for personal reasons.

A member of the local legislature, Mato Grosso, approved legislation that allows for the use of drones to fight mosquitoes in the city. “That government is using drones to enter such territory. Issues of personal debate between the federal government and the people,” said Grosso deplore, as reported by Sputnik News on February 22, 2016.

According to the secretary of the Department of Health of Sao Paulo, Alexander Padilha, drones are sophisticated tools to fight the epidemic Zika virus that has spread throughout Latin America. Equipped with video cameras, drones allows the operator to see the potential mosquito breeding sites from the air.

Live Broadcast Schedule Central Champions League This Week



Exciting matches will be re-coloring of the first 16 matches of the Champions League, the middle of this week. Elite English clubs, Arsenal are at home to Barcelona (Spain) at the Emirates Stadium, Wednesday (02/24/2016).

A match that will be broadcast live by livescore123 is certainly interesting that a repeat of the 2005/06 Champions League final. At that time, Arsenal should recognize the benefits Barcelona, ​​1-2 although the Gunners ahead in advance.

Meanwhile, in Turin, Juventus will face a host of challenges from the German club, Bayern Munich. Munich midfielder, Arturo Vidal will be highlighted in this fight. Therefore, players from Chile’s long been defended Juventus.

Besides Vidal, on the side of Juventus, there is Mario Mandzukic and former Munich player. However, unconfirmed akah he would appear or not in this fight. Because, Mandzukic still injured muscles. The match itself will be broadcast live by Be In Sports.
Central Champions League Schedule This Week
Wednesday, February 24
02:45 GMT, Arsenal vs Barcelona
02:45 GMT, Juventus vs Bayern Munich

Thursday, February 25
2:45 pm, Kyv Dynamo vs Manchester City
2:45 pm, PSV vs Atletico

Replace breakfast and Dinner with milk, Veronica Down Weight 15 Kg


download (1)With a height of 168 cm and weight 73 kg, Harama Veronica Gultom (21) had felt insecure. He was often derided as ‘fat’. Wants to prove that he can also appear slim, Veronica was on a diet and managed to lose weight.

Yes, succeeded his weight dropped to 58 kg. What kind of diet is done Veronica? Following her diet success story, as he told the detikHealth and written on Saturday (28/06/2014):

Initially after I know my weight is not balanced with height, I was down. Not surprisingly, this condition is also often makes everyone who sees me says I’m too fat.

After that I tried to participate in the fitness gym 2 times a week, but there are changes that have not been quite satisfactory.

Then I try again every evening after work running around the complex up to 1 hour. As for diet, the morning I drink milk, I ate lunch with a portion pickup only as principled to stop eating before satiety. For the evening I also replaced it with drinking milk.

I try to regularly eat fresh vegetables every day, and do not forget to eat fruits, especially papayas. Drink plenty of water as well every night, until I sleep sometimes if you want to prepare a bottle of mineral water in the room special for my drink bottle.

The point is of course the heart intention, because during my ongoing principled diet do not eat fried foods and snacks such as chocolate. After the routine running of the method, the result of my successful weight dropped to 58 pounds, even dress pants felt loose all.

Until now I am still between having this diet because I am the type of person whose weight is easy to ride, so I do not want this effort in vain.

Parents Should Carefully Read Label Food Products For Optimal Growing Child

Mother & Child

downloadIn addition to carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, vitamins and minerals play an important role fatherly child’s growth. However, do not let the child needs vitamins and minerals actually overwhelming, especially for those who frequently eat cereal.

Because a recent report published Environmental Working Group (EWG) reveals children can too much vitamin A, zinc, or niacin of several cereals. Yet recommendation The Institute of Medicine recommends children aged 4-8 years consume less than 0.9 mg of vitamin A, 15 mg of niacin and 12 mg of zinc per day.

In the report of the Environmental Working Group, from 1500 cereals, there are 114 brand cereals that contain vitamin A, iron, and niacin excess. Moreover, the EWG reported most children eat more than one serving of cereal. If that habit continues, it could be the intake of excessive vitamins and minerals children. In fact, they’ve got a source of minerals and vitamins from other foods.

“Therefore, it is important for consumers to carefully read the ingredients in each product are listed on the product label. Moreover, the FDA already has a policy to ensure food fortification should be practiced safely and appropriately,” said Brian Kennedy, communications director of the Institute of Medicine.

Although, emphasized Olga Naidenko, author of the report, some cereal products could be interesting for the kids to use cartoon images. Therefore, it is important for parents to pay attention to the content in cereals and also consumed multivitamins child, as quoted by CNN, Sunday (29/06/2014).

“Excess doses of vitamins or minerals commonly occurs when someone is eating too much of certain foods rather than supplements. In the short term, excess vitamins and minerals can cause gastrointestinal symptoms,” says pediatrician at Children’s Medical Group, Atlanta, Dr. Jennifer Shu.

Excess vitamin A can cause liver damage and bone. While excess zinc raises immune disorders. Excessive consumption of niacin can be toxic to the liver. Therefore, Dr. Shu suggests older people are more selective in providing intake for their children.

“When in doubt with a given amount of intake, read carefully the content of each food and beverage products, not just cereal. However, it would be better if it meets the needs of vitamins and minerals in the small of fruits and vegetables,” says Dr. Shu